Activ / May 10, 2021

Treatment of muscle tear in famous French sprinter, Christophe Lemaitre, with INDIBA Cell Therapy.

Testimony of Céline Nöel
Physiotherapist at Aix Kine Sport in Aix les Bains.

“I use the INDIBA device daily, several times a day. I integrate it into my treatments. It allows me to treat the different pathologies that I quite frequently encounter in rheumatology and traumatology (muscle injuries, tendinopathy…).

At the beginning of July, Christophe Lemaitre suffered a 12 cm muscle tear in his right thigh. I quickly treated him in order to reduce his immobilization time and to enable him resume his activity as soon as possible. In the acute phase, the injury is still “fresh”, so I did 30 minute sessions, 5 days a week for 1 month. I used the INDIBA device throughout all the sessions in athermal mode, to reduce inflammation and drain the area. It was imperative that he felt no pain or heat during these sessions. As the wound healed, I was able to perform longer sessions of one hour: 30 minutes of manual treatment alone and 30 minutes of therapy with INDIBA. During these sessions, I was also able to work in thermic mode, thus bringing in heat. As the sessions went by, I took into account Christophe Lemaitre’s feedback and suggestions in order to better adapt my therapy.

Three weeks after his injury, he was able to walk carefully again without feeling any pain. 1 month after his injury, an MRI was performed. From this MRI, I could see that the lesion had greatly diminished. The wound was almost totally healed. I then did a few more sessions so that his wound could heal completely.

Normally I see Christophe Lemaitre 4 times a week for hourly sessions. I use INDIBA during my sessions. It helps me to relax his muscles, to treat old injuries, to reverse fibrosis of his tissues and help his muscles recover. These sessions consist of 30 minutes, during which I treat a specific point and 30 minutes in which I mobilize and stretch the muscles using INDIBA.

Christophe Lemaitre finds these sessions enjoyable. I also enjoy working with INDIBA, which I also use on other patients. The device is effective in treating wounds, helping them heal faster. I find the INDIBA device very interesting because it can be used actively, it is not a device that you just place on the patient.”

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