You can be assured that most of the teams in the Champions League, Premiership, professional cycling, athletics and tennis use INDIBA. We’ve been to the Olympics and the Diamond league events supporting athletes from around the world.

From acute injury to chronic tendinopathy, pre-competition or recovery, INDIBA is integrated into the package of care to;

  • optimise healing
  • reduce pain
  • aid recovery
  • improve sports performance


We know that there can be many influences on athletes when they have an injury that stops them from competing. They will try anything to accelerate the natural tissue repair process. With INDIBA Activ they can be assured that it will deliver results safely.

You can start using INDIBA in the acute stage of an injury; our continuous frequency modulation ensures there is a bio-stimulation effect without inducing tissue’s heating (this would be detrimental in the acute injury).

We have the published scientific molecular research into stem cells that demonstrates INDIBA 448 kHz proliferates and establishes differentiation of stem cells. Demonstrating in these studies both safety and effectiveness; including cancer cell effects (Hernandez-Bule et al 2014a, b; 2017).

As regenerative medicine continues to grow in popularity; stem cell injections, PRP and cartilage grafting are being used in combination with INDIBA Activ.

As preventing recurrence becomes a focus, treatment with INDIBA could become part of the strategy, increasing tissue temperature to improve elasticity even in deeper muscles.
The effects are proven to last longer than 45 mins after finishing the treatment (Kumaran & Watson 2018).


With short rest periods in between competition, recovery is of vital importance. By using INDIBA Activ you can increase deep blood flow by 79% and have a significant increase of tissue temperature which lasts well beyond the treatment time (Kumaran & Watson 2018, Kumaran et al 2017). This may help with rapid recovery and improve sports performance.

Some of the indications for use;

  • Reduce pain
  • Haematoma
  • Muscle tears
  • Sprains/Strains
  • Tendinopathy
  • Muscle recovery
  • Pre-sport preparation