Activ / August 11, 2022

INDIBA – A Revelation in Recovery

What follows is the testimony of 2014 European IRON MAN Champion Triathlete Frédéric Garcia on his use of INDIBA as part of his recovery.

I discovered INDIBA technology in June 2013 through my physiotherapist Mathias Willame who is based in Nîmes. I didn’t know about this technology at all beforehand.

We used it once or twice a week during my preparation for the European Ironman Championship and during my preparation for the Ironman Championship in Mexico.

INDIBA was a revelation to me in terms of recovery. In addition to the daily use of compression sleeves and the veinoplus machine, INDIBA contributed to the immediate repair of muscle fibers damaged during my performance efforts.

It allowed me to be 100% ready for the next training session. I was also able to train with a lot more intensity and volume and achieve a major milestone in terms of preparation thanks to the INDIBA device.

INDIBA also helped me heal a fatigue fracture early in November, a month before the Ironman in Cozumel. I can say without a doubt that this technology is a masterpiece because, in just two weeks, my fracture was healed.

Today, I continue to use INDIBA for preparation, recovery, preventing injuries, and treating injuries sustained in training and competitions.

For me, this technology is the beginning of something new in this field. Concerning recovery, at present, nothing delivers better results.

A big thank you to Mathias and Chrystelle, my physiotherapists, who helped me discover their know-how with this beautiful piece of technology and to whom I owe a large part of my success. Because without them, there would have been no recovery and, therefore, no good performance. Thank you!


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