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Treatment of a vaginal incontinence and urinary incontinence in the vaginal opening with INDIBA.

Testimony of Isabelle Principiano
Liberal midwife in Cannes – 06 16 58 90 44

The clinical case

A 37-year-old woman whom Isabelle Principiano, a liberal midwife in Cannes, has been treating for several years. She has already performed 2 perineal re-educations on her patient, following her two pregnancies in 2009 (forceps and episiotomy ++) and 2011 (3,250kg baby and hypotonia of the perineum). Firstly manual re-education and electrostimulation but the 2nd was not followed with as much attention. She consulted her Midwife in August 2016, for a new perineal re-education (5 years later) because she had a new partner.

On examination, the patient presents:

  • Vaginal Bean (2 fingers)
  • Urinary stress incontinence, in especially during jumps
  • Hypotonia and hypo-sensitivity during Sexual intercourse (low test 1.5/2) – Pelvic weights
  • Hemorrhoids
Testimony of Isabelle Principiano, Sage-Woman:

“We’re started therapy sessions with INDIBA at the rate of one per week. The first sessions: 10 minutes of Comfort Thermal Capacities (IAS 4-5) for a vascularization of the area perineal, recovery  of trophicity, and elasticity. Then 10 minutes of Resistive in comfortable thermics (IAS 6-7). I was adapted the protocol according to the evolution of the patient’s pathology.

From the 4th session, the patient felt a clear decrease in vaginal gap, and after the 12th session, no more urinary stress incontinence, a decrease in weight and a very clear increase in vaginal sensations during intercourse. We performed 19 sessions of perineal rehabilitation.”

Patient Testimonial: 

“I’m a 37-year-old mother of two little boys via natural births. During my first delivery I underwent a big episiotomy. My perineum is still very fragile, the problem was increased in the second delivery. Despite many attempts to improve the tone of my perineal muscles, nothing had been successful. 5 years after the second delivery, my midwife  recommended  sessions with INDIBA Cellular Therapy.  There  was an amazing change.

In addition to the fact that the sessions are very pleasant and the heat is diffused, I felt my scar soften from the from the very first session. My vagina has tightened considerably. I regained sensations that I no longer had!

INDIBA was also very effective in reducing a hemorrhoid I had left. I strongly recommend all mothers to try INDIBA.”

Isabelle Principiano, Midwife:

“I’ve been a liberal midwife for 17 years, accompanying my patients during an important period of their lives. Pre birth with the preparation, then with home follow-ups in the first weeks postpartum, frequent breastfeeding follow ups and finally in rehabilitation.

In the 10 months I have been equipped with INDIBA Cellular Therapy, my practice has evolved. It is a very advanced innovation and highly rewarding technology that allows us to offer a remarkable, fast and long lasting quality of care.

I’m even sometimes still astonished by results. Being cautious by nature, I can say that I couldn’t live without it and the patients thank me daily.

The most spectacular results in my practice have been on perineal pain, vaginal gap, hypotonia, caesarean section scars and diastasis.

Patients are tired and very busy with their babies at this time of their lives. INDIBA Cellular Therapy allows you to go faster and treat beyond the limits of manual work, which unfortunately sometimes remains insufficient. But let’s remember that the quicker we act the better… especially on scars. »


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