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INDIBA Aesthetic and Therapeutic Benefits In The Application of Postpartum Pelvic-perineal Therapy.

What follows this introduction is the testimony of Julie Perrin, a Physiotherapist who specializes in pelvic-perineal therapy from Mougins, France. The testimony concerns the treatment of a patient needing pelvic and abdominal rehabilitation post pregnancy.  


The Patient  

“I have been treating a 28-year-old patient, Mrs. D, immediately postpartum, who gave birth two months ago. Her delivery was spontaneous. She had delivered at term vaginally with the help of a suction cup. She had no stitches or tears. 

At Mrs. D’s first checkup appointment I noticed she suffered from mixed incontinence and had difficulty sensing heaviness in the pelvic region. As a prior historical note, she had had postpartum hemorrhoids, however these had now gone.”



“After detailed assessments, I set up a treatment plan that used INDIBA therapies alongside my own. Firstly, I treated the patient’s vulva and abdomen to decongest these areas. I also worked on her awareness of respiratory dynamics. Finally, I worked on the sacrum, to work on the whole neuro-vegetative loop. From the first session, there was a decongestant effect and the patient felt lighter when she got up from the massage table.  

Four days later, I saw Mrs D. again for her second session. I worked on her sacrum again with INDIBA which allowed me to improve the effects of my manipulations. I also worked on the abdomen and the perineum, in particular working with the resistive electrode for pelvic movements and postural exercises with a rubber band. This allowed the breathing and posture instructions to be fully actioned. The results were exceptional and fast: as soon as this session was over, my patient did not have any issues with urinary incontinence. 

Due to its properties, INDIBA allows you to space out sessions because the effects of the treatment acts over 24 hours. This was very practical for my patient, who regained confidence with each session.” 



“The use of INDIBA in combination with my manual therapies made my sessions more pleasant for the patient, but also for myself, because the results were very fast. In total, Mrs. D. had 8 sessions over 3 months for her perineal and abdominal rehabilitation. I also ran a long-term treatment plan to accompany her progression and correct bad habits. 

In addition to helping me in my therapeutic treatment, INDIBA also improves the aesthetics of the treated area. This helped the patient to become more satisfied with the results and return faster to their normal routine as their confidence grew.” 

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