How does the CT9 work?

The CT9 device converts electrical current into a fixed stable frequency of 448 kHz, increasing ionic exchange at a cellular level which encourages tissue repair and assists in pain management. The return plate closes the electrical circuit, enabling our treatments to be delivered in a safe and effective manner for patients and clinicians alike.

The integration of two operational modes, CAP and RES, as well as the low and high output power, makes it easy to obtain subthermal and thermal effects. This allows clinicians at all phases of an injury whether its acute or chronic.

Product benefits

INDIBA’s clinically proven frequency of 448 kHz, provides a variety of treatment benefits which can be combined with manual therapy and other therapeutic techniques. This combination, along with your clinical knowledge, helps create unparalleled results by;

  • Providing an analgesic effect
  • Increasing the volume and intensity of deep blood flow within the body
  • Increasing delivery of oxygen and nutrients
  • Raising tissue temperature
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Managing inflammation
  • Normalising cell function restoring cell membrane potential
  • Stimulates stem cell proliferation
  • Achieves ionic balance

and so much more.


INDIBA systems generate an electromagnetic wave at a precise frequency of 448 kHz to achieve both a bio-stimulation and/or thermal effect.

INDIBA® leadership in Radiofrequency technology guarantees outstanding results and patient satisfaction.

Your customers will come back and ask for new treatments with your versatile and multipurpose technology!.


  • Osteoarthritis
  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Bursitis
  • Tendinopathy
  • Haematoma
  • Fractures
  • Muscle tears
  • Sprains and strains
Physio aesthetics
  • Skin trophicity
  • Scars
  • Edemas
  • Contouring of sagging skin (Abdomen, breasts, thighs)
  • Lymphatic and venous drainage

“The INDIBA Activ therapy allowed us to work in a very versatile manner. Moreover, French Men’s Handball Team really appreciate this technology because they get a real benefit from it.”

Jean Christophe Mabire – Physiotherapist – French Handball Federation

“I’ve been working with the INDIBA Activ for around three years and have taken to calling it “our magic machine”. We’ve seen fantastic results in reduction of pitting edema and with musculoskeletal conditions, and used it as an adjunct to hand therapy to reduce pain and inflammation, enabling us to achieve far more with the clients. INDIBA Activ is a treatment which clients enjoy receiving as it both feels comforting and shows immediate results.”

Ruth Bradley – United Rehab Solutions – Wales

“We use INDIBA for frozen shoulders, ankle and wrist sprains as well as tendinopathies. The warmth and pain relief is fantastic with long-lasting results. It’s the only electrotherapy we use”.

Steph Smith, Managing Director and Physiotherapist, Pea Green Physio

Accessories & Consumables

Pack Massagers

The massager is a great work tool, adding a mechanical effect to the cellular and thermal efficiency of INDIBA.

Transport Solution

Our carefully designed transport case will facilitate and protect the device, accessories and creams when being transported around.


Our trolleys are the ideal accessory to move your device around in your daily practice.

Activ Proionic® Cream

Designed to improve the effectiveness of INDIBA® Activ treatments, our cream is paraben free with slightly acidic pH.