Animal Health / April 28, 2021

New scientific study released on INDIBA Animal Health!

We are proud to announce a new scientific publication on the use of our VET905 for the thoracolumbar pain control on horses.

The study, conducted in joined efforts by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Cordoba, is another scientific proof that not only our technology works, but it is also a very valuable tool to control musculoskeletal pain and improve the performance on equine athletes.

“Applications of four sessions of a CRET radiofrequency at 448 kHz during two consecutive weeks, in nine horses with thoracolumbar pain induced a consistent increase in DorsoVentral Power at walk and at trot, which was not observed with the same therapy when it was applied to another nine horses, but with the device without power (SHAM intervention). Other accelerometric changes were increased Total Power and MedioLateral Power. All of these changes appear to suggest an increase grade in flexibility of the back, which was in accordance with the results of the physical examination after the treatments.”

We greatly thank both universities, and specially Ana Muñoz and David Argüelles, for their continuous support in the research behind our technology!


Full scientific publication


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