Activ / June 17, 2020

Hands Free Solution

Adhesive electrodes and return plates for touchless treatments

INDIBA invests in research and product development to help our clients perform the highest-quality treatments in the radiofrequency market. Recently, we have developed the Hands Free Solution.

What is it? 

Hands Free adhesive electrodes and return plates will allow the therapist to perform outstanding Sports Injury, Rehab and Pelvic Health  subthermal treatments. Working with both the adhesive electrode and adhesive return plate paves the way for combining INDIBA cell therapy with active exercises.


Why do you need the Hands Free Solution in your clinic?

To enhance acute phase treatments: when treating acute phases, the therapist can use mobilization on those areas further away from the injury because his/her hands are free.

  • Coverage of bigger areas
  • Possibility of doing mobilization on those areas further away from the injury

To make a difference in Sports Injury, Rehab and Pelvic Health subthermal treatments: the adhesive electrodes do not require holding by the professional: in subthermal INDIBA Activ treatments, professionals have the option to use both hands in parallel to the work being done by the adhesive electrodes.

  • Treating the proprioception – stretching by combining INDIBA therapy with active exercise in the final phases
  • The patient is free to replicate the exercises
  • The physiotherapist can focus on correcting the patient’s positioning as he/she does not need to hold the electrode simultaneously

To improve your clinic’s profitability:  In static treatments, you can treat more than one patient at a time

To make your patient feel safer: In these uncertain times, when patients are concerned about infecting others and about their own health, the Hands Free Solution can help the clinic to draw your reluctant patients back for “touch-free” treatments

  • Single-use disposable electrodes
  • In case of static treatments, you don’t need to touch the patient


Win a Free Hands Free Pack

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