I am active, creative, innovative, powerful.

I invite you to meet my team, the people that bring me to life. And to join me and be part of this grand adventure.

Revitalizing lives is what we do and what our teams work to achieve daily.

Our mission

Shaping the future of the medical devices sector. Global leader in the field of Radio-Frequency (RF) solutions for the physiotherapy, aesthetic and veterinary market.

Meet my team

Build together, grow together

The talent of the team that bring me to life is my most valuable component. Consisted of people with different backgrounds, they all have in common their passion for revitalizing lives. It is a very large team, but a few of them wanted to share their experience. I invite you to listen to their stories!

“I would like to invite you to become part of this exciting environment and join INDIBA for it’s future growth.

Remco Schmitz, CEO

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Our values

Our values communicate what we believe as a company and how we are working together toward a shared vision.


We believe in doing what we say, and keep our promises.


We ensure our proven technology is stable, dependable and long-lasting.


We believe in supporting those who use our products, every step of the way, and are responsive to their needs.


We are committed to achieving quality and excellence in everything we do.


My people is the center of it all

  • We work in a flexible environment, so you can combine your professional and personal life according to your needs.
  • The team comes from multiple backgrounds and cultures, which make my spaces an enriching environment.
  • You can grow professionally within the company, because we appreciate your talent and we want to see you achieve your goals. Your success is my success.
  • My team always looks for innovation, that is why we work in an open-minded environment that takes into account all ideas.
  • Your well-being is what matters most, that’s why we offer you health plans and possibilities from home.

Our locations

Our headquarters building in Barcelona (Spain) is the center of all our business. Here we manufacture our devices and give Customer and Technical service to all our international offices, and to our local and international partners.


Our international subsidiaries give service to our most important markets: United Kingdom, France, Italy and the United States. They offer the same working environment as in our headquarters, and are our eyes and ears in their local markets.

Find your passion. Tell us your story.

If you are looking for an open, multi-cultural and exciting environment, you are looking for us!
Send your CV to my team and we will find the right place for you.