One of the differentiating applications of our technology is the possibility to treat healthy animals in order to enhance their physical performance. Preparing the tissues for exercise is key for a good performance. The benefits and effects of INDIBA can also be used on healthy animals to improve their activity before, during and after competition*.

Therapeutic effects:

  • Improves blood flow to the tissues allowing greater nutrient and oxygen uptake.
  • Improves tissue flexibility
  • Reaches deep structures and reduces any pain.
  • Recovery after exercise, due to the drainage of catabolites (e.g. lactic acid).

Keeping the animal healthy and in good condition also prevents possible injuries that can be caused by excessive stress on the tissues and poor recovery from microtrauma that can trigger a major injury if not treated in time. The correct management of these animals also ensures their welfare and good quality of life.

Always remember to accompany INDIBA sessions with a training protocol appropriate to the physical condition and performance objectives of the animal athlete.

*Approved by the FEI. Always check with the event and competition organisations before using INDIBA on competing animals.


  • Injury prevention and handling of animal athletes
  • Conditioning and relaxation, before and after exercise
  • Management of mild muscle pain (stiffness), trigger points, contractures, overloads
  • Improved flexibility of muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Increased joint range of motion


Therapeutic goals:

  • Increase in the amplitude of stride and propulsive power
  • Regular maintenance and fine tuning
  • Increase in tissue elasticity.
  • Improve muscle tone.
  • Animals with medium to moderate physical activity, as recovery therapy.

Sporting disciplines*:

  • Sport horses: racing, jumping, dressage, eventing, endurance.
  • Sport dogs: Agility, mushing/sled, cross-country, races


At INDIBA we are committed to the welfare and respect for animals during sporting competitions. Our treatments are respectful and ensure that the animals’ quality of life is maintained.

*Approved by the FEI. Check with the official bodies of each event and competition before using INDIBA on animal athletes.

Clinical cases


RF Modifies Locomotion Profile in Horses Exercised on Treadmill

Muñoz A, Reguera M, López-Becor M, Saitua A, Castejón-Riber C, Argüelles D.


Key Points: 

  • 9 healthy adult horses with varying levels of physical performance
  • 2 INDIBA sessions of 50 minutes in the morning for 2 consecutive days.
  • Constant trot speed: 4.3 ± 0.35 m/s
  • Improvement in stride length after 1 session; even greater after second session

Find this and more cases in our section on Scientific Literature

“The jockeys really notice a difference in the horse’s performance. They’re happy in the stable, they seem much happier while working, maybe they’re not as sore as they used to be. Overall, the response has been impressive.”

Hannah Steedman
Equine Physiotherapist (UK)


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