We want to ensure you have a deep understanding of the technology and the INDIBA method. Our training incorporates both theory and practical application so you can be confident in achieving results.

Over the past 36 years our education has evolved with the emerging evidence. INDIBA is committed to achieving excellence for the professionals and patients that use our technology. That is why we allocate funding to research projects annually.

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INDIBA Academy

We like keeping in touch and we like to share our knowledge!
When you join us, you are becoming part of an international group of professionals all striving to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

By sharing our knowledge and helping professionals share theirs we hope to create a community space for asking questions, sharing experience and keeping up to date with the latest evidence.

We host workshops and webinars throughout the year where we share research, experience and best practice – enabling you to achieve the optimum outcomes for your patients.

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