How INDIBA Activ radio frequency treatment works

Our INDIBA systems generate a closed electrical circuit where a precise frequency of 448 kHz is generated to achieve bio-stimulation, with or without a thermal effect. In published research it has been demonstrated to have a positive effect by increasing deep blood flow (Kumaran & Watson 2017) therefore increasing oxygen and nutrients. In molecular studies INDIBA Activ has been shown to stimulate stem cell proliferation and its differentiation (Hernandez-Bule et al 2014a, b).

How can INDIBA be used?

We believe that a physiotherapist’s most important tool is their hands. With our hands we can perform effective manual therapy and apply different techniques. We want to improve the results of every treatment by combining manual therapy with the INDIBA technology. The combination of these two great tools will stimulate tissue repair, accelerate the recovery from injuries and can reduce pain from the first session, reducing inflammation at the same time.

The combination of manual therapy, exercise, manual techniques and INDIBA will lead to unparalleled results for an acute muscle injury as well as chronic low back pain.

The INDIBA Activ technology is highly recommended by professionals for pelvic health treatments in both men and women. Great results are achieved in post-natal treatments, pelvic pain and incontinence.

What do our clients say

‘INDIBA is a fantastic addition to our physiotherapy menu. We treat a wide range of clients with MSK conditions from elite athletes to geriatric arthritic joints. The results we have across the board are superior to those achieved with any other electrotherapy device I’ve used in my career’.

Saira Rehman
Resolve Physiotherapy

What do our clients say

I have been working with the INDIBA Activ for around three years and have taken to calling it “our magic machine”. We have seen fantastic results in reduction of pitting oedema and with musculoskeletal conditions.

INDIBA Activ is a treatment which clients enjoy receiving as it both feels comforting and shows immediate results. The INDIBA Activ team are always on hand to offer advice and support, and the protocols provided are clear and easy to follow.

Ruth Bradley
United Rehab Solutions Ltd