Past webinars / May 27, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Unlocking the Frozen Shoulder dilemma with INDIBA and manual therapy

Introduction to the webinar

Adhesive Capsulitis or Frozen Shoulder can be a very painful problematic condition to resolve. Learn how to use your various manual techniques along with Indiba to see immediate reduction in pain and significant and lasting range of motion improvements. Discover how in as little as 4 visits you can help your patients resolve this condition!!

The Secret to finally releasing the Frozen Shoulder

Why should you join this webinar (key learnings):

  1. Discover Indiba. Who we are and how it works!
  2. Understanding the underlying pathology causing the Frozen Shoulder/ Adhesive Capsulitis
  3. Learn how Indiba can affect the neural tone to allow for greater manual mobilization and greater daily gainS
  4. Discuss how Indiba may affect visceral tissue and how that may help accelerate the healing process


Michael McGee

Physical Therapist & Head Clinical Trainer Indiba USA

With over 33 years in practice Michael has worked with thousands of patients, professional, collegiate, amateur athletes and celebrities. He specializes in orthopedics and sports rehabilitation. In 1987 he began his career in Pittsburgh at St. Margaret Memorial Hospital where he was a member of the Sports Medicine team providing services to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penquins and numerous High School athletic programs. He then went on to manage 2 outpatient clinics before opening Fairway Physical Therapy in Syracuse, NY in 1997 growing the practice to 3 very successful clinics. Michael has provided services at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-AM golf tournament from 1999-2017 working with amateurs, celebrities and PGA professional golfers. He was an instructor for BACK to GOLF educating Physical Therapists on the biomechanics and rehabilitation of golfers. He is ASTYM certified and believes in taking a manual approach to rehabilitation. After selling his practices he is now the Head Clinical Trainer for Indiba USA and still sees patients upon request privately.