Past webinars / April 19, 2020 - April 22, 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The Untold Stories of Women’s Health

To celebrate International Women’s Day, INDIBA is proud to launch a new campaign: The Untold Stories of Women’s Health.

The Untold Stories of Women’s Health has been designed to give a voice to the taboos surrounding women’s health. This event series has been designed to highlight the treatment possibilities for the key issue’s women experience daily. Throughout the week of the 19th – 23rd April we will deep dive into four key areas:



Sign up to join the launch event on Monday 19th April, which will focus on the topic of Dyspareunia. A common condition that affects between 10-28%* of the global population in a lifetime. Find out how you can provide your female patients with the treatments that they need.

Join us on Monday 19th April at 3 pm CET.




Diastasis Recti

Diastasis is also a common health condition that women face. This is the separation of the left and right sides of the outermost abdominal (stomach) muscle. It is caused by forces that stretch the connective tissue. It most often occurs in pregnancy. Thanks to radiofrequency INDIBA has the solution to treat Diastasis. If you would like to learn more about how Diastasis Recti can be treated sign up to join the upcoming webinar.

Join us on Tuesday 20th April at 3 pm CET.





The menopause is a natural phase of life, but one that can often leave women struggling to cope with the symptoms. During the “Untold Stories of Women’s Health” event week, we will deep dive into how you can make your patients feel more in control. This session has been designed to inform and educate physiotherapists on how menopause affects all women in this stage of their lives—and how INDIBA radiofrequency technology is beneficial in reducing their symptomatology and improving their quality of life. If you are a physiotherapist specializing in pelvic floor and obstetrics, and you are curious about MENOPAUSE don’t miss this event.

Join us on Wednesday 21th April at 3 pm CET.





The postpartum period is a precious but also challenging time for a women’s body. With lots of changes sometimes women need a little help to feel back to normal. As a physiotherapist, there is a lot you can do to help your new mothers. Join “The Untold Stories of Women’s Health” the postpartum edition, to learn the latest treatments for postpartum care.

Join us on Thursday 22th April at 3 pm CET.



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