For years INDIBA’s ground-breaking technology, based on the 448 kHz frequency, has helped people to improve their lives and recover faster from injuries. INDIBA has developed and revolutionized treatment methods in each and every one of the sectors we operate in and we continue to do so.

At INDIBA we believe we can contribute to the health and well-being of our patients by addressing new and growing needs of the aging population and in offering treatments that will allow people to continue their lifestyle at an older age. Revitalizing lives is what we do and what our research and development teams are working on to achieve daily.

Our History

INDIBA was founded by Mr Calbet in 1983 and he devoted his life to the research and development of radiofrequency equipment.

Mr Calbet was highly motivated to learn how to safely introduce RF into the body, generating health benefits and improving people’s lives. 12 patents and the design of more than 25 different models later, the INDIBA® technology has been recognized and won many international awards.

Mr Calbet passed away in 2018 but his work and values continue to define INDIBA®.

Our superior products and work processes are certified to ISO 13485, CE 0051 and cleared by the FDA.