At INDIBA, we firmly believe that relying on clinical evidence is the cornerstone of developing new applications for our radiofrequency technology. With years of experience and results from experts in the field, we have transformed this valuable information into user-friendly materials that can help both current and new users of our technology to gain more benefits from its use and expand the range of patients who can potentially be treated with radiofrequency.

We have compiled all of this information and updated our protocol book. By doing so, all users can now apply INDIBA to more pathologies, using proven settings and clinical effects that will ensure the best possible outcome for their patients.

Furthermore, we are continuously expanding our user base on a global scale. To make this information more accessible, we have made our protocols available in multiple languages, allowing users to access this valuable resource in their preferred language (1).


Download our new protocols now and start using them today! (2)

Your serial number is on the back of your device. It is made up as follows: 2 numbers, 1 to 2 letters, 6 numbers


If you require assistance on how to use our protocols or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Clinical and Training department.

(1) Currently available in English, Spanish, French and Deutsch.

(2) The protocol book is only available to current INDIBA users of our Animal Health devices.