What are the Sculpture Electrodes?

Patients today are looking for less invasive, less painful, and safer solutions to improve their appearance, health, and self-esteem.

Body reshaping, elimination of localized adiposity, skin reaffirmation, reduction in the degree of cellulite, as well as improvement of venous return to the legs to avoid major circulatory problems are always some of the most requested treatments during consultations with patients.

INDIBA® launches our Sculpture Electrodes for the Deep Care brand: a pack of 3 new electrodes, accessories, and specific protocols which will help you satisfy the needs and increased demand from your patients, all with greater comfort, speed, and better results.

Why are Sculpture Electrodes the best choice for your clinic?

  • Better results for complicated areas (fibrous cellulite, localized adiposity)
  • Faster and more visible results
  • More effective body reshaping
  • Better blood circulation and reduction in the feeling of heaviness
  • Treatments are specific to the needs of your patients

What are the new Sculpture Electrodes suitable for?

  • Improvement of areas with fibrosis (cellulite, scars)
  • Facial and body reshaping
  • Reduction of localized adiposity
  • Skin firming
  • Improvement of drainage and elimination of toxins
  • Prevention of circulatory disorders (improved venous return)

Are you a user of Elite NS or Premium NS?

Find out about the new protocols available with the new Sculpture Electrodes for:

  • Deep facial tightening
  • Reshaping waist, flanks, arms, and armpits
  • Contouring of the abdomen
  • Redefining the posterior cervical area
  • Treatment of fibrous cellulite
  • Treatment of localized fibrosis (scars)
  • Redefining of jaw, neck, and neckline
  • Improvement of flaccidity and tissue regeneration
  • Stimulation of venous return
  • Redefining silhouette and body contouring
  • Breast enhancement

Devices compatible with the Sculpture Electrodes