INDIBA® Deep Care uses monopolar radio frequency CAP/RES technology at a specific frequency of 448 kHz. This frequency generates both thermal and sub-thermal effects that accelerate the recovery of tissue and achieves these three effects:

Biostimulation (sub-thermal)
Activates the cells metabolic rate, increases circulation and activates fibroblasts.

Vascularization (thermal)
Dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow, oxygenating tissue and cells, increasing cell metabolism and encouraging drainage.

Hyperactivation (hyperthermal)
Breaks down fat/fatty deposits, detoxifies and encourages toxin drainage, increases cell metabolism and encourages collagen production.

Product benefits

As INDIBA® Deep Care RGN offers safe, painless, non-ablative treatments for aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, gynecology, hair and dermatology.

INDIBA® Deep Care uses monopolar radio frequency CAP/RES technology at a specific frequency of 448 kHz, generating both thermal and sub-thermal effects that accelerate tissue recovery.

The technology is complementary to surgical and non-surgical procedures, and when used alongside existing treatments, allows multiple treatment combinations for patients. Safe, versatile, comfortable and intuitive, it is the ultimate tool for medical cosmetic treatments.



Accessories & Consumables

Rotation Packs

Sets of electrodes and return plates, conceived to give you and your staff the time to disinfect the accessories required for treatments between one patient and another.

Gynecology Pack

Adapted for the needs gynecological market and designed to treat the genital area (internally and externally).

CAP or RES longitudinal electrodes

CAP or RES longitudinal electrodes for internal gynecology treatments


The massager is a great work tool for treating large body areas (cellulite, fat deposits) and for treatments in facial or smaller areas.

Target Electrodes

These 5 electrodes have the optimal shape and size to treat hard-to-reach areas, selectively, accurately and in a completely safe way.

Transport Solution

Our carefully designed transport case and trolley will facilitate and protect the device, accessories and creams when being transported around.


Our trolleys are the ideal accessory to move your device around in your daily practice. It also includes space to store electrodes and a plate heater.

Hair Pack

Specific pack of accessories and cosmetics to maximise the results for different hair treatments.

Proionic® Care Cream

It is paraben free with slightly acidic pH; to increase electrical conductivity, facilitate a good sliding movement and improve final results.

Proionic Facial Creams

Five new conductive face creams enriched with active ingredients for oily skin, sensitive skin, skin with discomfort, skin with spots or mature skin

Proionic Sterile Cream

A specialized PROIONIC® cream for all post-surgery and post-aggressive treatments where sterility is a must.

Proionic Intimate Cream

Our one-use cream has been specifically formulated by INDIBA® for gynaecological treatments.