How does it work?

The mechanism of action combines its scientifically proven enhancement of stem cell proliferation* with the stimulation of neurovascular zones.

OKTO’s 8 active channels will allow you to work superficially or with full depth depending on the anatomical needs of each situation or pathology acting over the spine ganglions or over the peripheral nerve system giving an anthineuralgic and antineurithic effect.

This hands-free equipment will save you time and resources during consultation while offering the INDIBA guarantee of results on pain management.

Product Benefits

Okto is a radiofrequency equipment with a stable current of 448kHz that allows for the treatment of acute and chronic conditions, based on high-frequency neuromodulation of pain and metabolic stimulation of biological tissues.

Okto’s new technology will allow you to deliver:

  • Specific treatments for radiculopathies
  • A pain-free and pleasant treatment for patients suffering from chronic pain
  • Perceptible results from the very first session
  • A safe and reliable treatment


Improvement of musculoskeletal pain

Improvement of joint pain

Osteoarthritis, Discopathies, Osteochondrosis, Post-traumatic injuries

Improvement of physical and emotional deterioration caused by chronic pain

Accessories & Consumables


Okto electrodes are for single-patient use but are exclusively designed to guarantee their durability throughout the treatment process. Okto's intelligent electromagnetic energy transmission system based on a minimalist, flexible and safe electrode is a revolution in the application of high frequency current.


The hydrogels in our Okto system are tested to guarantee the optimal conductivity of the current and the best adhesion to the skin in a totally biocompatible way.


Safety and quality in the transmission of current through Okto's 8 cables is key to achieving an optimal result. The Okto leads are designed with high-quality materials with minimal design to facilitate treatment management on neurovascular points.

Return Plates

Different treatment options require different solutions regarding the establishment of the electrical circuit with the return plate. The Okto system presents several solutions to guarantee the best results.