INDIBA improves recovery, stimulates tissue repair and helps manage pain and can be combined with manual therapy techniques to produce fantastic results in a wide range of indications and conditions for;  

  • MSK 
  • Pelvic Health 
  • Pain Management  
  • Physio Aesthetics 


AT7 is the latest addition to INDIBA’s portfolio of devices and is the lightest, most compact and portable device in the ACTIV range. It features the most advanced technology without losing the assurance of INDIBA’s build quality, safety record and reliability, perfect for mobile clinicians or smaller clinics.


If you are looking for the latest generation of intuitive and multifunctional devices to treat a wide range of indictions and conditions in your clinic then the CT8 is here for you! Cutting-edge technology combined with state of the art design, touch screen technology and inbuilt protocols, make this device a must have for every clinic. 


Whether you’re a clinician working within a professional team or just have a large amount of clients to see in clinic, the CT9 is the most powerful device in the ACTIV range and allows you to obtain the most effective results in the shortest time in MSK, Pelvic Health, Pain Management and Physio-Aesthetics.

INDIBA Activ devices starting from £9,999 or £199 per month*