What is HairWave?

HairWave is the new INDIBA® tabletop device designed specifically for doctors specialized in hair treatments and techniques. With new software and new protocols, helps to restore hair health and supplement other hair clinic procedures.

Hairwave technology counts on more than 35 years of INDIBA experience in the radiofrequency market and presents our patented Proionic® System, that fosters blood flood and boosts cellular functionality and regeneration through INDIBA specific 448kHz radiofrequency.

How does it work?

The INDIBA® technology, thanks to the patented Proionic® System, increases tissue temperature and cell activity, stimulating and oxygenating the tissue from the inside, thus promoting blood flow. The improvement of this flow favours the arrival of necessary nutrients so that the cells at the base of the hair follicle multiply (mitotic activity) and replicate (regenerative activity), thus forming the hair.

The increase and improvement in blood flow, resulting from the application of INDIBA®, also encourages amino acids (essential components of proteins) to reach the hair follicle, which is then incorporated into the structure of the keratin (essential protein in the structure of the hair fibre), strengthening and increasing its quality.

Cell Boost Technology
Our patented Cell Boost technology optimizes the effects of INDIBA® HairWave treatments, intensifying and improving treatment results.




Hair Electrodes

Electrodes for hair treatments.

Handle holder

High design handle holder to offer the best comfort during hair treatments.

Hair Lotion

Hair Lotion to enhance the experience and results of hair treatments.

Hair Complex

Prolongs and strengthens the effectiveness of treatments.