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To maximize INDIBA treatment results, it is essential to use INDIBA Conductive Creams, designed and proven to ensure the beneficial INDIBA current reaches the target area.

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Conductive Creams with active ingredients

Face Creams | Vegan Body Creams | Anti-cellulite Cream

Standard Conductive Creams

Body Cream | Face Cream

Solutions for hair treatments

Hair Lotion | Hair Complex

Why should you use original INDIBA creams and solutions?

New Vegan Body Cream with active ingredients

All these creams have been specially formulated with a vegan base of jojoba oil, natural and sustainable, and each one incorporates specific active ingredients that allow to personalise and optimise the results of the different INDIBA radiofrequency body treatments.

Conductive Creams with active ingredients

INDIBA Face Creams

These facial creams add active ingredients to the INDIBA Proionic® formula that penetrate the skin and offer different benefits according to the client’s needs.

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Conductive Creams with active ingredients

INDIBA Anti-cellulite Cream

In addition to containing the Proionic® Care cream formula, the INDIBA Anti-Cellulite Cream includes active ingredients that penetrate the skin and enhance the results of body contouring and anti-cellulite treatments.

Standard Conductive Creams

INDIBA Body Cream

This cream is especially designed for body treatments.

Standard conductive creams

INDIBA Face Cream

This cream helps to prevent skin alterations and makes facial treatments more pleasant.

Solutions for hair treatments

INDIBA Hair Lotion

INDIBA’s conductive liquid hair lotion is enriched with chamomile flower extract and is formulated to work perfectly with Capacitive Monopolar Radiofrequency at 448 kHz (INDIBA). This lotion is suitable for all hair treatments.

Solutions for hair treatments

INDIBA Hair Complex

This is a personal care solution designed to repair and strengthen hair. It is combined with INDIBA radiofrequency hair treatments to enhance results and help clients continue treatments at home.

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