When we think of creating Transport Solutions for our products, we put ourselves in the shoes of the professional who uses them. We want our products to be easily transportable and offer options that adapt to all the needs of the professional.

With this in mind, we offer accessories that adapt to your transport needs:

Universal Case

Our INDIBA case is suited to carry any of the devices and all its accessories and products. It is ideal to take your device on airplanes (checked luggage) or shipping.

Road Case

VET905 and DUAL

A lighter and compact suitcase, intended for transporting the VET905 and INDIBA DUAL, without its accessories, allowing for a lighter weight and for more compact transport.

  • Weight (without the device): approx. 8.4 kg
  • Collapsible handle and silicone wheels
  • Adapted to withstand daily activities in the field*
  • Waterproof***

Transport case
AH-100 and Equus

Light and compact cases, intended to transport the AH-100 or the Equus, perfect for on-the-road professionals.

  • Internal foams adapted to each device.
  • Weight (including device and accessories): approx. 8 kg
  • Retractable handle and silicone wheels
  • Adapted to support daily activities on the field*
  • Water-resistant***

Carrying case
VET905 and Equus

A lightweight option that allows easier operation and faster assembly and disassembly, either of the VET905 or the Equus. It is designed for the professional who needs to get in and out of the stable quickly, keeping their device safe and secure**.

  • Internal divisions according to the device
  • Lightweight and practical cloth bag
  • Handles to carry on the shoulder or in the hands
  • Resistant to movement from daily activity**
  • Water-resistant***

Electrode Case

Ideal for storing and transporting your electrodes, making sure they are not damaged by movement.  It keeps them organized and isolated from the elements.


AH-100 and Equus

The trolley for the AH-100 makes moving the device within the clinic easy and hassle-free.

The trolley for the Equus is a solution for professionals who have their practice in a fixed place and who require a movable and safe surface to place the device.

Whether you move the equipment from one room to another or simply bring it closer to the work area, the trolley allows you to perform these movements quickly and efficiently, without having to disassemble the equipment.

  • Two levels
  • Hooks for handles, accessories.
  • Wheels with brakes
  • White or gray style to match each device

INDIBA Accessories Backpack

It has been designed to contain all the accessories and products necessary to perform the treatment with INDIBA.

  • To transport accessories and other products comfortably
  • Keeps content safe and organised
  • Waterproof**

Our Transport solutions offer a complete catalogue of products aimed at improving the portability of our devices with options that adapt to each client and their needs.

Contact us to receive more information on our prices and offers.


* Resistant to light bumps, vibrations, dragging motion as well as loading and unloading it from the vehicle. The product should not be used for airplane transportation or shipping.
** Resistance to friction from handling and transfer by hand as well as loading and unloading it from the vehicle. Not resistant to heavy drops or shocks. The product should not be used for air transport or currier delivery.
*** Waterproof to rain or humidity, it should not be submerged in water or left out in the open overnight.