How does the AEROflow work?

AEROflow uses different types of cups that apply negative pressure to the skin, which helps to manipulate the soft tissue. By combining the two systems: dynamic and static, AEROflow decreases the muscle tone, resulting in an improvement in the range of motion and local blood flow.

Product benefits

AEROflow new technology will allow you to deliver:

  • Treatments to improve the range and quality of movement
  • Treatments to improve miofascial restrictions
  • Reducement on the muscle tension
  • Drainage improvement
  • Treatments on Keloids


AEROflow technology combines 2 modalities based in the application of negative pressure in complementary hands on and hands free mode:

  • Dynamic mode: Used in combination with active movements as required, the cup is applied directly by the physio, focusing the application in the restricted areas to soften the tissue.
  • Static mode: Thanks to the different modalities found in the AEROflow software, this mode offers a hands-free option that can apply negative pressure in the selected areas, achieving results from the first session without any effort.


  • Lumbar area relief
  • Hip joint restriction
  • Plantar fascia relief
  • Post exercice recovery
  • Cervical tension relief
  • Neck and shoulder relief

“I’ve never experienced more effective treatment than the combination of negative pressure and radiofrequency. People love receiving negative pressure treatments because is that treatment that gives the best effect and an immediate relief after the treatment. They can feel the heat and the blood circulation on the area and it’s long lasting after the treatment also.”

Tonje Tuxen. Acupuncturist & Natural Therapist in Norway.

“This device is a good investment for me as I have everything I need in one place. I have the power to move the fascia and add then the deep heat of INDIBA. As a result, the tissue is much softer and lighter. The key is that everything is in one. All I can say is; this works!”

Joan Massanell, Cal Fregues, Spain.

Accessories & Consumables

Plastic Cups

Made and designed in different shapes and sizes, these robust plastic cups will allow the therapist to integrate the hands free application in combination with exercices if it's required.

Crystal Cups

Made of blowed crystal, the design of this noble cups is created to release the superficial fascia adhesion in the most effective and easiest way.


Specific accessories to connect the crystal cups to the main hoses without any effort.


Removable, hygienic filters to mantain the best conditions during the treatment.

You can speak to our product specialist to know more