INDIBA / June 1, 2020

New Safety Solutions

We know you are putting a lot of time, energy and effort into restarting your business and adapting it to the new safety and cleaning regulations to protect your staff and your patients/clients.

It’s during these times of difficulties and stress that professionals can build more solid relationships with their clients/patients. INDIBA has worked to design a “Safety Journey Experience”: a series of cleaning procedures, marketing tips and solutions that can help you handle this new reality and work in safety.

Clinics/Centers not only should inform patients/clients about all their safety measures, but also offer concrete tools to guarantee their safety and increase their safety perception. INDIBA Safety Solutions can help professionals draw reluctant patients/clients back and retain them through a unique safety experience.

As part of this journey, our team has developed a range of new Safety Solutions: INDIBA Rotation Packs and INDIBA Safety Levels.


Rotation Packs

For Your Clinic/Center: More Safety, Less Stress

These are sets of electrodes and return plates, conceived to give you and your staff the time to disinfect the accessories required for treatments between one patient/client and another. You can choose among different options depending on your device and treatments.


Safety Levels

For Your Patients’/Clients’ Peace of Mind

Designed for those patients/clients who would feel more comfortable taking extra precautions. You can sell one or more electrodes and return plate for your client´s individual use.

Patients/clients are concerned about infecting others as well as their own health. Most of them (especially the elderly) are avoiding any physical contact that is not strictly necessary.

As a patient and client-oriented company, it is our duty to provide them with the right tools to be and to feel safer when undergoing treatment. INDIBA Safety Solutions guarantee patients’ and clients’ protection and provide a good reason for them to come back to your clinic/centre.


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