INDIBA / May 26, 2020

New Facial Creams

Don’t Wait: New Offerings for your Reopening

Our world has been subjected to unprecedented change, and we know that many of you have concerns about how to remain attractive to your customers. Now that the beauty centers are beginning to open their doors again, INDIBA clients have brought to our attention their challenge to engage with clients during their reopening.

This time of change requires a new level of commitment to innovation and we want to be by your side to give you our support. For this reason, INDIBA has launched a new portfolio of creams for our INDIBA® Deep Beauty brand.

We hope to help you enhance your business and interact with differential treatments to offer to your clients.

Facial creams within the PROIONIC® creams range

  • Light Cream: Effectively reduces pores and regulates sebum production, making it the ideal cream for treating oily skin.
  • Sensitive Cream: Strengthens the skin barrier and has a calming effect, making it suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Cannabidiol Cream: Relaxes and nourishes the skin with a natural extract containing cannabidiol, making it ideal for sun-exposed or peel-treated skin. Additionally, it helps minimize wrinkles.
  • Whitening Cream: Evens out skin tone and regulates pigmentation caused by sun damage, creating a luminosity to the skin.
  • Antiaging Cream: Tightens and provides deep moisturizing for mature skin.

Four key reasons why you should offer the new facial creams:

Clients of a beauty centre treated with INDIBA® will benefit from the results of double treatment, besides many other advantages:

  • Differentiation from other businesses with standard treatments, maximizing the INDIBA® experience for all clients.
  • Double benefit: traditional INDIBA® facial treatment + treatment with specific ingredients for any skin type.
  • High personalized treatments for your clients. Treating clients with any type of sensitive or atopic skin. Increase loyalty thanks to personalized treatments focused on their specific needs.
  • Higher product portfolio. You can increase your business by offering specific treatments.


For more information on these products, please send us your details below and one of our product specialists will get in touch with you.