Deep Care / November 9, 2022

INDIBA Launches Deep Care Brand In French Gynecology Market

Press Release. 9 November 2022

As part of its continual efforts to provide the broadest selection of cutting-edge products and treatments to clinics worldwide, INDIBA has announced it will launch its Deep Care brand and associated products into the French Gynecology market.

Thanks to its ability to accelerate localized healing and improve tissue conditions, INDIBA’s Deep Care brand technology is ideal for clients and clinics looking for non-invasive, versatile, and effective gynecology treatments.

These treatments, which can be adapted to many conditions and issues such as urinary incontinence, have a significant canon of scientific research supporting their efficacy. Indeed, studies published in multiple medical journals cover everything from the improvement of scarring to the reduction in the size of edemas.

These clinically backed results are all thanks to INDIBA’s unique mechanism of action, which improves tissue quality, blood flow, and fibroblast activation leading to an accelerated rate of natural healing.

The primary device that INDIBA offers for these treatments in this sector is a tailor-made instrument called the PLUMA. This device delivers INDIBA’s specific Resistive Capacitive Monopolar Radiofrequency (RFMCR) dialed in at 448 kHz. However, other devices are available depending on the needs of the clinic or client.

According to sources, INDIBA is delighted to bring this innovative and critically important branch of its business to such a dynamic and exciting market. Please visit our website to have more information: Link


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