Deep Care / May 14, 2021

AMWC-TDA 2021 reveals the trend of medical beauty 448 kHz radiofrequency therapy.

The 57th AMWC Asia-TDA was recently held, bringing together an impressive gathering of professionals in the medical aesthetic field from all over the world. These leaders in their respective field share their expertise through physical and live broadcasts while holding onto a similar goal, that is knowledge sharing in a brand new skin care and repairing method in this annual meeting.

Dr. Lin Ming Te, chairman of the Vigor Medical Beauty Group, said that most of the past medical aesthetic treatments were based on rebuilding after destruction of tissues, thereby stimulating collagen regeneration and improving aging or sagging skin. However, with the rapid development of technology, and with the rise of awareness on health, the concept of “natural beauty, healthy beauty” has gradually become popular. In addition to paying attention to the importance of maintenance, the public will also worry about the burden of treatment on the body. Especially under the raging COVID-19 epidemic, many people are concerned about invasive treatment.

Therefore, in contrary to the previous medical aesthetics procedures, where patients need to endure the pain caused by the treatment, or need to rest for a few weeks until the wound heals, “non-invasive, painless, and zero-destruction” has also become a major consideration for patients planning a medical aesthetic treatment. Dr.Lin Ming Te took the lifting and firming medical aesthetic treatment as an example. Radiofrequency and ultrasound are currently the more common non-invasive treatments, but they depend on the doctor’s experience and techniques, and still need a recovery period. At present, the latest and most popular radiofrequency technology overseas is to solve the problems such as obesity lines, fine lines, stretch marks, and postpartum abdominal laxity without causing harm to the body, showing its prominence in the field of medical aesthetics.

With a patented technology that works at a frequency of 448 kHz and 20 kHz of modulation frequency, a new generation of radiofrequency technology is born. It stimulates body cell movement and heals damaged skin tissues. It is commonly used in the field of medical beauty and rehabilitation. In addition to retaining the advantages of other unipolar radio wave treatments, it can act on deep skin repair and tissue regeneration, while being very safe to use. It is applicable to all parts of the head, face and body, as well as to thinner skin such as around the eyes.

This type of treatment is currently widely used in pre- and post-surgery, such as liposuction or double eyelid surgery. The non-thermal function of 448 kHz adopted by the new generation of radio wave technology can help reduce the redness, swelling, warmth and pain of postoperative wounds. It shortens the recovery period and gives patients a better treatment experience. It also has a good additional effect to combat stubborn fat or sagging skin.

During the pandemic, the public will definitely pay more attention to the safety of medical aesthetic treatments. Dr.Lin Ming Te emphasized that medical aesthetics is also medical treatment, which must be safe and effective. In addition to choosing the most suitable treatment course for you, you must ensure that the clinic is legal and equipment is genuine. One must choose qualified and professionally trained doctors to do the treatment, in order to achieve the best results of the treatment.

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