Deep Care / June 22, 2020

New INDIBA Massager CAP 55mm

The need to be able to carry out treatments safely and obtain the best possible results is essential for a professional performance.

For this reason, during these last few months, in INDIBA® we have worked on the development of a new 55mm massager specially adapted for capacitive electrodes (CAP), to allow you to work with it without touching the electrodes, and to help to offer more global treatments, safely and with better results.


Why is the new massager 55mm Ø capacitive the right choice for your center/clinic?

  • Increased performance with each session, improved treatment in fatty tissue
  • Drainage massage during treatment
  • Treatments are more intense and the feel of achieved results is greater
  • Completes the action of the capacitive electrode itself
  • Even more effective results


What are the indications of the new massager 55mm Ø capacitive?

  • Mobilize and treat fluid retention at the fat tissue surface level
  • Treatment of cellulite, drainage and body contouring
  • Use of CAP electrodes safely without touching them
  • Offers more comprehensive treatments


How can it be purchased?

Professionals will be able to purchase the full pack of 3 massagers or the 55mm Ø CAP massager, depending on their needs.

Massager Pack (3 units)
  • RES 35mm Ø Massager
  • CAP 55mm Ø Massager
  • RES 65mm Ø Massager
Individual Massager
  • A unit of a 55mm Ø CAP massager in an individual box.

For prices and more detailed information about these products, send us your information below and one of our specialists will contact you.