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INDIBA Animal Health at the Games in Tokyo

The Games in Tokyo are literally the most anticipated of recent times. Five years have passed since Rio and we will finally be able to see them, although from a distance.


Just hearing the word “Tokyo”, elegance, greatness, perfection come to mind. And that is precisely what the athletes participating in these Games also want to achieve.

Athletes, humans, and horses, train hard to achieve excellence. But injuries, tears, and fatigue often lead to a decrease in physical condition and, consequently, in sports performance. That is why they seek techniques to accelerate recovery, and make it effective (minimal relapse), and improve physical performance to the maximum possible. These techniques include, in addition obviously to daily training, the use of tools that shorten the times to obtain results.

One of those tools is INDIBA.

Well-known athletes, such as Rafael Nadal, Garbiñe Muguruza, Andrés Iniesta, Nairo Quintana, among others, already know the benefits of INDIBA and their trusted physiotherapists and doctors do not hesitate to include it in their protocols.

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Likewise, veterinarians, animal physiotherapists, and horse trainers have also placed their trust in our technology and use it daily in their patients.


INDIBA applications in the sports field

INDIBA’s technology has applications that few electrotherapy tools have: the possibility of being used in healthy patients. This is because INDIBA, through its Radiofrequency at 448 kHz, can regulate the physiological functioning of healthy cells so that they fulfill their functions more efficiently. It all starts with an increase in tissue temperature, a greater supply of blood flow, which brings with it more oxygen, nutrients, and other essential elements for cell function, and the drainage of excess fluid or metabolites. The consequence of these effects and, therefore, the benefits obtained are:

    • Improved elasticity of muscles, tendons, and ligaments
    • Increased articular range of motion
    • Greater muscle power
    • Reduced pain due to overexertion
    • Acceleration of post-exercise recovery
    • Improved fatigue management

Therefore, the applications of INDIBA in athletes are:

    • Control of musculoskeletal pain due to exertion
    • Resolved contractures or muscle stiffness
    • Relaxation after exercise
    • Improved sports performance by increasing stride and power


INDIBA present in Tokyo

As mentioned previously, INDIBA will be present at these Games thanks to the trust placed in our technology by great elite athletes.

In the case of INDIBA Animal Health, we will also have representation thanks to Claire-Marie Campbell (Team Ireland), Kimberley Mallett (Team Brazil Eventing), and Flora Hurrell (Team Italy).

Don’t miss any of the competitions that will be taking place during the Games in Tokyo.


Here the full calendar:


24 July 2021 – Grand Prix (Team and Individual) Day 1

25 July 2021 – Grand Prix (Team and Individual) Day 2

27 July 2021 – Grand Prix Special (Team)

28 July 2021 – Grand Prix Freestyle (Individual)



July 30, 2021 – Dressage (Team and Individual) Day 1

31 July 2021 – Dressage (Team and Individual) Day 2

1 August 2021 – Cross Country (Team and Individual)

2 August 2021- Jumping Team Final and Individual Qualifier, Jumping Individual Final



3 August 2021 – Individual Qualifier

4 August 2021 – Individual Final

6 August 2021 – Team Qualifier

7 August 2021- Team Final


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