Animal Health / June 24, 2020

INDIBA® Animal Health: a differential service for your practice

Every business, including the veterinary practice, hits a point where one questions pops into their mind. What can I do to improve my services?


In an interview with José Luis Villaluenga by Diario Veterinario’s (Spain), a Spanish specialist in business management and marketing for veterinary practices “Rentabilidad Veterinaria” (Veterinary Profitability), he proposes developing a plan to help the veterinary practices grow.

The plan consists of 5 steps. One of them involves the introduction of a new service/product that provides added value to the clinic.


How can INDIBA® Animal Health help you in this regard?

INDIBA technology offers a unique therapy for your patients, especially those who suffer from chronic pain or reduced movement due to pain.

Chronic pain treatments are generally expensive for the owner, can sometimes be difficult to administer, produce side-effects, while some do not solve the problem at all, and the products (medicines, nutraceuticals and supplements) can be obtained mostly through channels outside the veterinary clinic.

Introducing INDIBA Animal Health in your clinic helps to solve a significant part of these problems, both clinically and economically:

  • Effective pain management: a decrease in the dose of analgesic medications administered to the patien This also implies that fewer side-effects will be generated. Additionally, the patient significantly improves their quality of life, and therefore encourages the owner to continue on with the treatments.
  • Pleasant and relaxing treatment: this is one of the differential points that interests the pet owner the most. Radiofrequency treatments are not only pleasant but also produce additional relaxation for the patient.
  • Treatment in any phase of pain: it can be acute or chronic, there can even be inflammation: INDIBA’s unique technology allows you to treat an injury or pathology at any phase. This means that you can start treating from very early stages, thereby generating faster recovery.
  • Perform a more complete treatment: you can treat all the structures that are related to the problem area and thus obtain better results in each session.
  • The benefit stays in your practice without affecting your client’s pocket: the patient has to visit the clinic to get treated and will require less pain medication, and that means that the economic benefit stays in your practice.
  • Greater visibility for your practice: INDIBA is a well-known brand in the world of physiotherapy and aesthetics. Our brand is used by top tennis players like Rafa Nadal and famous actresses like Kate Winslet for her facial treatments. Offer an exclusive treatment to your patients!

Go to our Treatments section and discover all the applications of INDIBA in veterinary medicine.


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