Activ / May 5, 2021

Treatment of a muscular lesion (tear) to a marathon runner’s calf using Activ cell therapy.

Testimony of Marc Givron
Physiotherapist at ESP Consulting


Mr. V is a 55-year-old athlete who has set his sights on running the New York Marathon.  Intense training was required for 18 months, starting with 10km races, then half marathons and finally marathons. 6 weeks before the race, he felt some discomfort in his Achilles tendon, but nothing  alarming until he injured his right calf.  ‘I felt a strong pain, like a contracture in my calf in the middle of a race. A following ultrasound revealed a tear in the muscle fibres, 35.5mm long and 18.5mm wide, as well as a haematoma. For some time I hadn’t been feeling 100% physically, but to then get an injury and have give up on such an important goal… well it was inconceivable for me not to run that 42km in New York! I first consulted a physiotherapist then I was told about the Health Division of ESP consulting.


Marc Givron: My first observation was the extremely short period of time we had before the race. It was in our best interest to shorten the normal rehabilitation time. It was therefore quite natural that I integrate INDIBA cell therapy into the healing process to:

  • Accelerate healing
  • Promote blood circulation and oxygen supply for tissue regeneration
  • Evacuate intramuscular hematoma
  • Rehabilitate gradually to regain strength and flexibility

“I treated with INDIBA 2 to 3 times a week for the 6 weeks prior to the competition. The patient made himself available for all the sessions.

At the beginning of the treatment, I spent a lot of time in Capacitive athermal biostimulation, to reduce inflammation and blood effusion (tightening the vessels).   This first tissue stimulation lasted about 10min, then I treated in Resistive mode for 5min. Finally I ended with a Capacitive return to Calm.

After about 2 weeks, I increased the power to increase the vascularization of the zone and stimulate tissue regeneration. Finishing with a 5min of return to calm in Capacitive mode is important to carry out, in order to physiologically bring down vitals. We then started to integrate functional work : flexions/extensions, cycling, treadmilling, tiptoeing and finally, progressively, stairs to reinforce the explosiveness of the calf. The evolution of the symptoms of the injury was encouraging, but we continued the sessions without returning to running too quickly, even if the patient no longer felt pain due to the analgesic action of the cell therapy.

The week before the race, Mr. V went running twice for 1 hour to get the feel of racing and not to lose the work he had put in for 18 months during his preparation.”

Benefits of INDIBA cell therapy

“In this clinical case, the benefit of INDIBA cell therapy is actually linked to its direct cellular action which allows for athermic treatment immediately, without having to wait for reduction of the inflammation. We saved time! The fact that we did progressive vascularization, permitted a faster healing of the lesion.

But we also had to consider the fact that he would have to travel to New York, the temperature on the day of the race, the atmosphere, the ambiance… Mr. V was able to run the marathon with only compression socks as protection. He achieved this goal that was very important for him. To help an athlete (amateur or professional) reach his goal is really satisfying.”

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