Activ / August 1, 2022

INDIBA Helps Patient Recover from Chronically Inflamed Elbow.

Chronic inflammation is one of those symptoms that is difficult to manage and even more challenging to improve. This proved the case for a patient of Mathias Willame, a physiotherapist in Nîmes, France. The patient had been suffering from a painful elbow inflammation for 18 months. The condition was so bad that it prevented her from doing her job and living an everyday life at home.  

In response to this condition, Willame started to use INDIBA therapy, as it has been proven to be effective in treating musculoskeletal disorders. After an ultrasound to determine the extent of the problem, a three-week treatment program was set up.  

At the start of treatment, the patient had managed very minimal movement in the elbow, meaning that she was compensating by using other muscles in her shoulder to move her arm effectively. After treatment, however, she had recovered complete function of the elbow and reported a significant reduction in pain that remarkably improved her quality of life.   

The patient continues regular maintenance treatments, helping them stay comfortable and maintain function in the arm.  

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Mathias Willame.
Osteopathic Physiotherapist.
Espace Physioperf in Nîmes.



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