We work continuously alongside professionals and develop our training courses, to ensure that constantly teach the best techniques for the ultimate results.

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  • Initial and Advanced Training (16h)
    The first half of the day will focus on the system and basic practices of INDIBA. The latter half will answer questions and look at more advanced treatments and protocols.
  • Group Training (8h)
    During group training, we will revisit the theory behind INDIBA and develop your knowledge of protocols.
  • Aesthetic Medicine Module (5h)
    This module will focus on the combined use of INDIBA with fillers, mesotherapy, microneedling, IPL and vascular laser, non-ablative laser / radiofrequency, ablative laser and more.
  • Aesthetic Surgery Module (5h)
    This will focus on how INDIBA can be used pre and post-surgery to obtain better results and reduce complications, as well as to shorten recovery times.
  • Hair Module (4h)
    During this module, the different capillary protocols are introduced. It focuses on the different execution applications on PRP and Pre and Post treatments in capillary redensification.
  • Aesthetic Gynecology Module (5h)
    During this module, we focus on treatments externally and endo-vaginally and how to preserve the integrity of the tissues. Pre-Post labioplasty, genital rejuvenation, stress incontinence, sexual dysfunction are featured.
  • Pain Management Module (4h)
    This module focuses on perfecting in the general pain management protocols adapted to any pathology, to treat both acute and subacute processes (Contracture, Post-traumatic Treatment: acute / subacute, chronic inflammatory treatment, degenerative process).

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