Train the Trainers 2020

1st Digital Edition

Welcome to our first edition of INDIBA® Deep Beauty DIGITAL “Train the Trainers”.

You will earn the “Trainer 2020” diploma after viewing the 3 parts and doing the tests.

For greater convenience, you can access this material at any time, having until Sunday October 25th (included) to do it. For those who want to review the practice we will have scheduled online sessions of the most demanded treatments. These will be live so that they can ask questions during the treatment application. Check the schedule below!

Good luck!

PART 1: duration 2h 43min

PART 2: duration 2h 13min

PART 3: duración 2h 14min

Friday 23rd 12PM (CET): Questions & Answers Session. LIVE

Live sessions:

Tuesday 20 Oct 2020

Wednesday 21 Oct 2020

Thursday 22 Oct 2020