Our patented Proionic® system uses capacitive and resistive technology to generate biostimulation, vascularization and hyperactivation on a cellular level. These effects have the following beneficial effects:

Biostimulation (sub-thermal)– Activates the cells metabolic rate, increases circulation and activates fibroblasts

Vascularization (thermal)– Dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow, oxygenating tissue and cells, increasing cell metabolism and encouraging drainage

Hyperactivation (hyperthermal)– breaks down fat/fatty deposits, detoxifies and encourages toxin drainage, increases cell metabolism and encourages collagen production

INDIBA is an effective treatment for beauty professionals and the results of our technology has been proven in many different research studies. In fact numerous universities and hospitals around the world endorse the effectiveness, versatility and results of INDIBA technology, following their clinical studies.

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