Our courses introduce beauty professionals to the INDIBA technology and how it works, expanding their skills by learning about its capabilities and different application modes. This allows beauty professionals to use their knowledge and skills to achieve the best results in treatments.

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We offer the following courses with INDIBA® Deep Beauty:

  • Initial training. (8 hours)
    The initial training course introduces the theory behind INDIBA and how to use the device, as well as showing simple protocols.
  • Advanced Training – Level 1. (8 hours)
    This course refreshes beauty professionals on how INDIBA works, developing further techniques for treatment and increasing confidence and knowledge.
  • Advanced Training – Level 2. (8 hours)
    The second part of advanced training has an in-depth focus on protocols and achieving optimum results.
  • Specialist Anti-aging (3.5 hours)
    Targeting the face specifically, this course looks at how to safely deliver facials with INDIBA.
  • Specialist Menopause. (3.5 hours)
    Looking at how INDIBA can be used to treat symptoms of the menopause.
  • Specialist Detox. (3.5 hours)
    This course looks specifically at a complete body treatments and how to apply INDIBA.
  • Specialist Hair. (3 hours)
    Beauty professionals will learn how to apply the lotion and vitamin complex, as well as learn different protocols for treatments.
  • Specialist Wellness. ( 7.5 hours)
    Focusing on a complete treatment for wellbeing, this course shows how the INDIBA methodology can be used alongside massage techniques.
  • Specialist Premium electrodes. (6 hours)
    Learn how to use different electrodes alongside protocols to develop techniques for the face and body on this course.

Please contact us if you have any queries or require any further information or dates of the courses.