INDIBA® Animal Health is the Indiba S.A. brand created specifically for use on animals by professionals from this sector. Its monopolar radio frequency CAP/RES technology is fixed at 448 kHz, the optimum frequency based on more than 300 scientific references. This allows the INDIBA® Animal Health devices to be an effective and safe therapeutic tool for both the animal and the user.

Our scientific references and
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We make sure that our technology is not only an effective therapy, but also that it generates well-being and improves the quality of life of the animals. This is because INDIBA® Animal Health activates the body’s natural mechanisms to regenerate and rehabilitate, through cellular biostimulation, improvement of blood flow and pain relief. In addition, because it works in a closed circuit, it allows to reach greater depths where other therapeutic modalities do not.

Our team of professionals, formed exclusively by veterinarians and specialists in Animal Physiotherapy, work together with the professionals who use our technology. We provide induction training sessions for new users, as well as basic and advanced courses in the use of INDIBA® Animal Health, with constant technical support to help our clients achieve the best results in their patients.