INDIBA is a safe, effective and suitable therapy in both acute and chronic phases in a wide spectrum of treatments:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Articolar pains
  • Pelvis-perineal health
  • Physioaesthetics


AT7 is the latest addition INDIBA’s portfolio of devices and is the lightest and most compact. It features the most advanced technology without losing the quality, safety and reliability of INDIBA®.


If you are looking for the latest generation, intuitive and multifunctional device that covers the entire range of INDIBA treatments, this is the one for you. Reliability, cutting-edge technology and even more precision in the subthermic effect in acute pathologies thanks to continuous modulation.


It is the device that will allow your business to make the most profit. It is the most powerful INDIBA that will allow you to obtain the most effective results in the shortest time in musculoskeletal, pelvic floor and physio-aesthetic treatments. A single device for many uses and solutions.

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