Past webinars / May 18, 2021 - May 30, 2021

Radiofrequency as a tool to reduce fatigue and improve athletic performance in the horse – Recorded

Ana Muñoz (Spain) covers a very important subject in the training and athletic maintenance of the horse: fatigue. Due to the principle of supercompensation, training involves fatigue to improve performance, and maintaining a balance between training load and recovery period during the competition season is essential to avoid musculoskeletal disorders and overreaching in the equine athlete. More over, the application of radiofrequency can accelerate recovery and reduce the risk of overreaching.


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This webinar is free and directed to equine veterinary and animal physiotherapy professionals.


Ana Muñoz Jurado, DVM

  • Doctor in Veterinary Medicine
  • Professor at the Department of Animal Medicine and Surgery at the University of Córdoba
  • Deputy Director of the Center for Equine Sports Medicine of this same University and responsible for the area of physical fitness assessment, diagnosis of performance loss and performance enhancement.
  • Professor of the Master of Equine Sports Medicine at the University of Córdoba.
  • Researcher in charge of the AGR-111 group, Equine Sports Medicine.
  • Reviewer and editor of various specialized and research journals

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