Past webinars / June 29, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

INDIBA Aesthetic Medicine Summit: Summer Edition

The INDIBA Aesthetic Medicine Summit brings together leading industry experts to discuss the latest trends in the field of aesthetic medicine, gynecology and plastic surgery. Covering all four seasons, each summit deeps dive into specific treatment areas. Our experts provide insights into the in-demand treatments, sharing clinical case studies and the results that they have achieved with radiofrequency technology.



Watch the first edition of the Aesthetic Medicine Summer which focuses on the popular treatment’s patients ask for to get ready for summer.

Combined treatments with INDIBA, case studies with fat freezing and electromagnetic therapy.

Matt Taranto, Owner & Managing Partner of AesthetiCare Medspa

With over 25 years in the field of aesthetics, the owner of MINT Aesthetics, Matt Taranto is considered one of the USA’s leading experts in non-surgical aesthetics. Alongside speaking at over forty aesthetic meetings each year, Matt dedicates the majority of his time to consulting with and helping to develop new clinics.

Use of INDIBA in the integral treatment of cellulite: Individual and combined.

Dr. Renzo Polanco

Medical Director at the Adelgar Clinic. In addition to his training, he has extensive experience in the area of healthcare and health management; and in recent years he has been developing his work as an aesthetic doctor in the main clinics in the sector (Grupo Cristina Álvarez, Clínicas Dorsia and Clínicas Diego de León, in addition to ADELGAR clinic).

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