Past webinars / April 14, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

How to improve function and reduce pain without medication in knee Osteoarthritis?

How can we reduce our patient’s pain in O.A and effectively improve their quality of life?

O.A is one of the leading causes of pain and disability with approximately 8 million affected by O.A in the U.K and 100 million in the USA.

There is an opportunity to help patients more by reducing pain and improving function with INDIBA. Often the pain is reduced with medication and exercise alone. However, an increasing number of patients don’t want to take long term pain medication and they are trapped in a cycle of reducing medication and increasing pain, leading to a reduction in activity. With co-morbidities increasing, surgeons are less likely to operate leaving a large number of patients with chronic pain and a deteriorating condition.

Learn how INDIBA, a non-invasive, pain-free radiofrequency treatment combined with exercise can give your patients back their quality of life and give your practice a great reputation. Find out how adding INDIBA to your treatment package in Knee O.A could reduce patient’s pain by up to 66% and improve their function on the WOMAC score by up to 45%.

Why should you join this webinar
  1. The pathology of O.A
  2. Current best practice in managing O.A
  3. Non-invasive radiofrequency, What is it? How does it work?



Helen Walsh

Private Practice UK

Having started her career in a University Teaching hospital, Helen moved to Canada to further her career in orthopedics working in trauma and setting up an OA pathway of symptom management and arthroplasty. Helen worked for two major orthopaedic companies back in the UK specializing in joint preserving procedures. During her role in major trauma, head injury and neurology became another specialism over the years, treating minimally conscious patients through to returning to work, including amputees and ex-military. She became the clinical therapies manager in a private hospital as well as working for legal teams in medical and clinical negligence cases involving trauma. Throughout her career she has worked in numerous professional sports, including rugby, cycling and horse racing. Helen has a special interest in tissue repair and pain, she has championed innovative approaches and evidence-based practice to achieve the best outcomes for patients. Now working as the Clinical Lead in the UK for INDIBA she also still works with professional sportspeople and in private practice.