History & Patents

INDIBA stands for "INvestigaci├│n DIvisi├│n BArcelona" and was founded in Barcelona by Jose Calbet in 1983 with the objective of researching, developing and manufacturing innovative radiofrequency devices for electro medicine (electrotherapy application of medical treatments).

INDIBA was born with an innovative spirit and has pioneered radiofrequency treatments. INDIBA has developed a unique and exclusive technology through a patented electrotherapy methodology.

INDIBA was the first company capable of integrating Capacitive and Resistive energy emissions in the same system (CRET System) in order to optimize radiofrequency treatments and their effectiveness.

Since then, INDIBA has continued developing new radiofrequency devices based on the application of high frequency currents in biological tissues: the first skin regenerator through capacitive power transfer (15W), and the first electronic recuperator, the MD-300 (22W), getting the highest recognition both nationally and internationally.

Today the company continues to increase its radiofrequency product and devices offering. We invest in improving the applications in order to satisfy the specific needs of patients and professionals, as well as other aesthetic medicine and sports medicine professionals.

Thanks to its latest innovations, INDIBA`s R & D department has developed a new electronic circuit which complies with the strict Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) regulation. The EMC's certification guarantees that the technology does not interfere or is interfered by other electronic systems working in the area. This feature is very hard to achieve for radiofrequency devices and is very important when used in a medical environment. A differentiating element of INDIBAÔÇÖs technology.

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News & Events
INDIBA® moves to new headquarters offices
In order to provide a better service and training,  INDIBA® has moved to a new building located in Sant Quirze del Vallés (Barcelona)    
INDIBA ® Deep care participates in the AMWC Congress
Participants had the opportunity to know the technology and methodology of the Proionic® System thanks to the live demonstrations that INDIBA® Deep Care offered throughout the all days of the Congress.        
INDIBA® activ in the XXIII International conference of Sports Rehab & Traumatology
INDIBA® activ has just attended the XXIII International conference of Sports Rehab & Traumatology  in Milan. 
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